Allie Bueti

“Through these paintings I hope to pass on feelings: of humor, of love, of connection, of being transported, of witnessing … to the viewer so that we may meet in that delightful space of shared experiences”

Allie was born and raised in New England and has been involved with the arts since enjoying woodcarving and watercolor painting in high school. After attending the Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina and The Program in Artisanry at Boston University to pursue her interest in textiles, Allie moved to Nantucket Island off the coast of Massachusetts to work as a production weaver for a store specializing in hand-woven fabrics. While living on the island, she met her future husband. Together they designed children’s furniture that incorporated diorama-like painted settings into the function and form of the furniture design. Moving back to the mainland to raise their family, they continued to pursue their handwork. Allie got interested in children’s book illustration and started to work in clay in order to develop characters and move them through multiple settings. This led to the development of paintings “in relief”. Moving to Ojai, California with her family in 2002, the mountain, ocean and big sky vistas of southern California began to impact Allie’s work.

Inspired by a variety of artists from Garth Williams to the Group of Seven as well as by many current day self-taught artists who bring fresh vision into the field, Allie continues to work at expanding her repertoire in the hope of becoming a better vehicle for what moves her to create.

“Ojai, with its mountains and tremendous light, never fails to provide inspiration and a call to search for the sublime. The nearby ocean sooths the mind. And dogs and other animals….well….they usually tell us ‘like it is’…so grateful for that. Most recently I have been seeing the landscape in shapes like puzzle pieces and venturing into a sgraffito-style of working.”